Subjective Expression

In Blog, Photography by Martin Sekel

Let’s for a moment toss out the ideas of focus, light colour and composition out the window. What we have left is pretty much just the subject of what we want to shoot. Sure having the ‘correct’ (in a technical sense) lighting etc has it’s purpose, but what is it really about an image that draws us in to it’s world, sparks one to like, love or dislike a picture or spur any other of a multitude of feelings upon viewing it?

I shot my daughter with an iPhone 3 in the park. We had fun. (Image edited slightly in Photoshop)

After all [Tweet “our eyes are simply lenses, linked via an intricate and complex set of electrical cable-type connectors to a mass of not-very-well-understood matter that is our brain”]. Or are they?

So we look at an image and our brain processes the light we see into a vision, a perception of what the eyes are viewing. Then what? Instantaneously our entire life’s experiences and associated feelings are then used by the brain to subconsciously process and analyse what we have just seen. We then begin attach meaning and feeling to the experience. This is the essence of the image.

Each of us will experience the same photo in an entirely individual world.

Some may attach a sense of fear to what they see. Others may feel excitement or a sense of play or fun. I believe that photos and images produce extremely personal, unique and intimate relationships with those that see them – Each from his or her own perception.

When taking photos, whether they be at a family event, or the park, or be it anywhere for that matter, [Tweet “ignore what you think you should be shooting and focus on shooting to express what you feel“] at that moment in time. Don’t think about composition or framing or light or colour.

When you shoot don’t think! Live the moment as though the camera is really an extension of your eyes and heart and let the expression of what develops live it’s own path. You may just surprise yourself!

Have you ever felt this when you shot something? Have you ever just let camera be an extension of you? Let me know below. Also all questions will be answered.