Cold Beer Red Meat Red Beer Cold Meat

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Jem’s Beer Factory – Where smart people, Beer and Meat Meet.

Ok, who doesn’t love a fresh and icy cold beer together with good company and a perfectly cooked entrecôte steak? (Vegans, ex-alcholics, devout muslims and Nazirites excused)

Nestled away in a dusty corner of an industrial zone 5-10 minutes outside of the Tel Aviv CBD, you’ll find this [sorry] (G)em of a restaurant / venue / not-so-micro brewery – The living dream of a couple of really nice (hardworking) partners.

360 ° Panoramic Virtual Tour of Jem’s – Hamagshimim 15, Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikva.

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At Jem’s you can be sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much anything you order – You’d also better go in hungry as the servings are not for the feint-hearted.

So, in summary…

Have I had the pleasure of eating there? Oh yes sir!
Would I go back for more? I most surely have and will again.
Easy to park? Always!
What is my favourite Jems Brew? Just one? Nope. Love the Pils and the Amber Ale.
What is my favourite item on the menu? Are you serious? The Premium Entrecôte Steak!
Favorite entree? Beer Batter Vegetable Tempura.
Am I hungry? Am now.