An Introduction

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For as long as I can remember I have been an avid lover of technology and how things work. I have been pulling things apart since I could first hold a and turn a screwdriver. Isolating the individual parts of the puzzle, identifying them, understanding their unique form and function and as an integral part of the system they help to create, intrigues my sense of challenge and feeds my relentless curiosity.

So far I have fixed more things than I have broken.

I have built and fixed many more things in my time than I have had the pleasure of breaking (like my mums Triumph Stag and my so very purple all wheel steering Prelude – those I did not manage to fix). I miss my Prelude.

From grunting one syllable trucker lingo on a ham radio with 5 meter antenna bellowing off a tiny balcony to providing insights on enhancing communication between Israeli engineers and Canadian expats on the cross Israel highway project I have learned to appreciate every soul I come across.

Having been behind the development of many businesses online presence and a few of my own expansive web projects, I have always remained quite the recluse online and preferred not to have my name on the web. Guess that changed didn’t it?

My first SLR was given to me by my Uncle about 30 years ago. I am eternally indebted to him for that. I still have it. It has travelled well.

I Am

Friendly, intelligent, articulate, creative, cheeky, technically skilled, happy, a husband, a father, an entrepreneur…

I Love

My wife, our kids, my family and friends, my work, getting out of the city, camping, trees, animals, cars, everything tech and gadgety, driving, giving time to people, the beach – love the beach, surfing…


Professional photographer
Shooting for over 25 years – people landscapes events weddings children artifacts Jewellery products 360’s

Bragging Rights

Highly commended in Australian photographic competition
Member of IRVPA
Active member of a number of online forums
Front cover of intl. diamond magazine

Background in engineering and construction management.

Maps dev and other sites

Use info and expand skills set