Instafood. The Yum Factor!

In Blog, Gallery, Photography by Martin Sekel

The most seemingly boring or mundane objects or subject matter (food) can provide for remarkable artistic content and lever if not unexpected, unique and stunning results.

Over 32,000,000 photos on Instagram today contain the hashtag #food. Pinterest, another image based social network is cooking too!

Just take a look at what pop art and Andy Warhol did for the art scene. Today it so easy to shoot everyday objects, add a filter or two and produce art. Millions of these images are uploaded every day to social websites via apps like Instagram or Snapseed and the like.

So why is it that some of these pictures stand out? Is it the time of day it was posted or by whom? Maybe you are just hungry and that shot of a juicy prime cut and veggies is making you salivate (like now). Is it simply the tone, colour and composition that is generally appealing?

I think it’s an amalgamation of all these factors together but most often I think it’s the Yum factor that does it! (Oh yu’um, I’ve got to get one of those, that looks so refreshing, tummy grumbles, it’s been so long since.. Like, share, comment…)

The bottom line. We all love food. It’s something we can all so easily relate to.

But most of all it’s the Polish (or Morroccon or whatever) mother inside each of us that wants to share it.

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