I Stole a Giraffe.

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I stole someone’s giraffe. Then I shot one. I feel much better now.

Since yesterday something was very wrong. It was bothering me all day. I had made a bet, took a chance, tried to be smart arse – And lost.

As a result of my folly my integrity and honour was called into question. At my loss I had effectively committed to replacing my ever-so-dear-to-me Facebook profile image with that of a tall furry animal.

Sidenote: I have a feeling that the majority of fb folk are quite attached to their carefully chosen ‘image’ – But that’s another discussion.

I stole my giraffe. It was awful. I searched google for images and downloaded a picture I liked – I don’t know from where it came, who drew it, who owns it or even if they care that I have used it without their express permission.

Did you steal your giraffe? Are you ok with that? How many of you even thought twice about the possible ethical dilemma created by your wish to act in integrity (or fun) by changing your fb profile pic to one of a giraffe.

So it came to be that last night I couldn’t sleep. Really! A cute 72dpi sketch of that long necked, yellow mammal kept me awake in agony. I reminded myself again and again about a piece I wrote about copyright. Right or Wrong. I was wrong.

First thing this morning I got up, [took the dog down], then I went hunting. In a surprisingly calm, pre-meditated, cold-blooded moment I shot myself a giraffe.

I feel much better now.

UPDATE: 2 Days later…
Buried my giraffe.