martin2With a creative passion for photography and rich media (like 360 degree panoramic imaging and presentation) and a background in engineering and project management, I am proud to love my work and the services I provide.

I’ve had rich experience in commercial and event photography, engineering and major construction management, and am an effective creative and technical communicator.

Today I own and run a photography business, a number of local business marketing websites and a web development business team with the focus on bringing each project to successful completion.


I Create

I have built and fixed many more things than I have broken.

For as long as I can remember I have been an avid lover of technology and how things work. I have been pulling things apart since I could first hold and turn a screwdriver. Isolating the individual parts of the puzzle, identifying them, understanding their unique form and function and as an integral part of the system they help to create intrigues my sense of challenge and feeds my relentless curiosity.

I build things. I have built tunnels, furniture, memories, relationships, presentations, images, 360° virtual tours, a family, trust and confidence, an array of websites and internet applications and have improvised solutions for too many things and problems to count. I can only hope that my ability and opportunity continue to grow and teach me on my path.


I Communicate

Wh4t fi Eye S41d I k00d M4k3 u und3r5t4nd th15.

Man is a communicator. We have been given the tools of intellect, analytical inspection, dexterity, invention, creativity and speech. I have had the privilege of being able to use these tools across a variety of trades, personal and professional spheres.

Personal and commercial photography, immersive media like 360° panoramas and virtual tours, internet applications and websites, printed and written media and the verbal communication required in the presentation and management of my work have all allowed me to develop my communicative skills.

That said, I have always preferred to remain incognito and humbly quiet with respect to any online direct personal presence. Guess that changed didn’t it? Today I have discovered that it is time to vent and share (communicate) parts of my world.


I Photograph

My first SLR was given to me by my Uncle about 30 years ago. I am eternally indebted to him for that. I still have it. It still works. It has travelled well.

Although colour film* was most surely available at the time I made the decision at 13 years old that the first roll of film that I was going to load into that SLR was going to be a Black & White one.

Red Ferrari DinoThere was a red Ferrari parked in our driveway which of course I had to shoot. I crouched down and wound the film and clicked a few times until the counter-dial indicated that the film had wound on enough so not to loose any of the first shots. I chose my composition, focused the split view in the finder, set the light to match the aperture to the speed I had chosen, adjusted composure slightly… and chaclink! It was exhilarating! And I had no idea if the shot, or any of the shots I took over the next few days would even come out, let alone be any good.

I knew that that car was ever so red. I was shooting it in Black & White. I knew that what would result would be a photo-perception of that very fine car created through teamwork between the camera’s abilities, the film’s reaction to light, my interpretation and connection to my environment at that moment and my of management of that scene and the tools and light I entertained.

Today as both a creative and a professional photographer I shoot to evoke emotion. Whether I am shooting children and families, landscapes, events, weddings, artifacts and jewellery, products for commercial work or 360° panoramas – I shoot to create an atmosphere, a feeling, a response.

I have the original negatives and digital files of every shot I ever taken. (Did I mention I hoard things?)


I Am

Friendly, intelligent, articulate, creative, cheeky, technically skilled, happy, a husband, a father, an entrepreneur and I learn every day a little more.


I Love

My wife, our kids, my family and friends, my work, getting out of the city, camping, trees, animals, cars, everything tech and gadgety, driving, giving time to people, the beach, surfing and sharing my skills, insight and time with others.


Bragging Rights

(I still need to write this list..)
Highly commended award in Australian photographic competition
Member of IVRPA – International VR Photography Association
Active member of a number of online forums
Front cover of intl. diamond magazine
Bachelor Degree in Applied Science – (Engineering) Construction Management.
Maps dev and other sites